Mindful Ways To Get Well After Illness

Spring may be in the air but many of us are still at risk of an encounter with the cold and flu bugs. Whilst it may be nice (sort of) to take a day off for baths and duvet marathons accompanied by hot lemon and honey, by day four of being ill most of us are rather fed up. We want to keep up with our schedules and to-do lists and we simply don’t have time to be sick. 

Which is why when the brain fog clears and you can sleep a whole night without coughing yourself awake, it can be rather tempting to run back into your busy life at full speed. Don’t! 

Rushing full speed at life again the moment you feel better is guaranteed to have you back in bed suffering again before you know it. Here are a few ideas on how to ease yourself back into the bustle of every day after being unwell, without overdoing it and getting sick again.


Start Slow

Be mindful and realistic about how much you really can get done in a day. You’re likely worried that your inbox is bursting, your business is buckling and your friends think you’ve abandoned them but take your to-do list slowly. Start your first day back after illness with a short period of intention setting and deep breathing. Drink a hot drink, meditate and set a small intention for the day. This will help you stay grounded and not hit panic mode the moment you start working again. 


Eat what feels right

Another temptation for most when they start to feel better is to enjoy all the foods you couldn’t stand the thought of only 48 hours ago – especially if you’re discovering your taste buds have returned after a period of not being able to taste or smell anything! Whilst your body is likely very hungry after a difficult period of fighting off the virus invader, make sure you fill it will all the fuel to needs to keep your immune system topped up and your body healing. Green leaves, fresh fruit and colourful veggies can all top your vitamins back up, whilst miso soup as a snack or seaweed in your salad can be a great way to top up sodium which may have been lost in illness. As always, keep your fluids topped up too!


Early Nights

You may be a bit sick of your bed after spending a great deal of time feeling a little miserable in it, but even if you slept most of your illness away, make sure you get to bed on time now you’re well. Getting enough sleep is imperative to helping you stay well and preventing a relapse. You’ll have more focus in the daytime and rest better by following a routine. Try setting your phone to aeroplane mode and aiming for at least 7, ideally 8, hours a night.


Gently Does it

You’re also probably pretty eager to get back into your fitness routine now you can breathe through your nose again and that’s great! Just remember you’ve had some time out and your body has been through a lot recently. Start slow to gauge how your muscles and cardio system are feeling, the last thing you want is a pulled muscle now you are well again! 


We mean this! Your body has just fought a war against an army of microbes and won! Celebrate feeling better by thanking your body with whatever feels good to you. Our suggestion is a ritual bath with luxury salts, oil, aromatherapy and candles. Soak up the good vibes and enjoy feeling well again, with luck and self-care you hopefully won’t get sick again this year so you can rejoice that it



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