Floriography + Botanical Candle Workshop

Floriography + Botanical Candle Workshop

Last month Coco Lane had the pleasure of teaming up with Join London and Bloomologie to offer one lucky winner a place on their upcoming workshop 'Floriography and Botanical Candle Workshop'. I was also fortunate enough to be invited to attend and participate in a day of creative fun.

The day started with relaxed meeting and greeting all attendees whilst enjoying coffee/tea and delicious vegan doughnuts from Borough 22.  We soon kicked off with Ali from Bloomologie and Jen from Join London welcoming us and explaining the order of the fun-filled day that lay ahead of us!

First up was candle making with Join London.  Join candle are made with vegan, carbon neutral soy wax, cotton core wicks and the finest essential oils for a clean burn and natural fragrance. Their candles are carefully poured in apothecary amber and minimal clear glass jars, packaged in simple recycled kraft gift boxes, and finished with its own coloured symbol that details the ingredients and health benefits of burning a Join candle.

Jen showed us her workflow which up until recently was done by hand in small batches in her kitchen! So in brief, we first had to calculate the amount of wax needed, then weight it out and then put the wax on heat using a double boiler.  While waiting for the wax to melt we placed a wick stickum on the bottom of the jar and then centred the wick inside. Once melted we added the essential oil, then carefully started to pour the wax evenly into the jar. Once the wax was poured into the jar we gently straightened the wick and pressed the wick into the opening of a peg.  As soon as the wax had cooled we trimmed the wick, screwed on the lid, stuck on the stickers and placed in the box - hey presto!


Next up was getting creative with Ali and creating a beautiful natural foliage and monochrome themed floral arrangement. The aim was to create an arrangement that felt natural, wild and garden-gathered. Ali explained the basics of floral design, how to condition the flowers and how to prolong our masterpieces!

Founder and florist Ali of Bloomology began running workshops and classes in 2014 in South East London. She specialises in local, seasonal and natural flowers - the kind you won't find in the supermarket - and buys British flowers wherever possible, to create a look that is wild and wondrous; fragrant and fabulous. 


Voila! In just one day I created a beautiful garden gathered natural floral arrangement and a soy wax bay + rosemary candle - such a perfect way to start the weekend.

Join London and Bloomologie's workshop was thoroughly enjoyable, I learnt two new skills, was able to relax and get creative as well as met and network with a group of like-minded people.  

Let us know what workshops you've been on or get in touch if you would like to invite us to attend yours!

Photography: Claire Graham Photography | Candle: Join London | Flowers: Bloomologie | Venue: Home + Kids | Doughnuts: Borough 22

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