Beach Engagement

Engaged and thinking of where to have your engagement shoot? I would always recommend choosing somewhere that has meaning or fond memories to you both. However, if there isn't anywhere that jumps out at you both, we've got it covered! Have you thought of having your photographs taken somewhere that incorporates soft, ocean colours with the focus solely on you and our fiancee? Today we are sharing a beautiful engagement session on the beach, captured by the incredibly talented Houston based photographer, Divya Pande.

A little bit from the couple, Having done the engagement photos makes the whole dream that has been the proposal and engaged life feel so real! After a magical Saturday proposal, by Sunday everyone is asking "when is the wedding?" I'm certain that I've personally asked this question to many people after their engagements; however, you don't really realize until you've gotten engaged that this question is a bit overeager. I do appreciate everyone that asked us, though, because it really expedited our wedding planning and had us set a date 8 months from the proposal.

I personally think 8 months is ample time to plan a wedding, assuming you can find a venue you like - which is often the biggest limiting factor. What we've found to be the key to success with wedding planning is thorough research mixed with quick decisions and no regrets! It's not a bad way to live life either -- no reason in regretting decisions you can't change; you made the decision you felt was right for a certain reason, so move on to next decision instead of worrying about what is done.

Speaking of decisions, I joked with our wonderful engagement photographer that picking our outfits for the engagement shoot took longer than picking our venue, DJ, and caterer (I was truly only half joking) :) Divya Pande, a dear friend and an amazing photographer, was an obvious choice for us for our engagement shoot. Our next decision was trying to pick the location for our shoot. We threw around the ideas of cafes, the park, and a city backdrop, but it was actually Divya who suggested the beach. Now of course, "the beach" sounds like a terrific idea until you realize the beach we live next to in Texas is Galveston, which is normally a little less eye-catching than the picture-perfect blue beaches one might picture. Galveston is an important city for the two of us though since it was only when my fiance moved to Galveston for work that we finally ended the long-distance phase of our relationship. Divya convinced us that Galveston could truly look beautiful, and we were we blown away by her finished product. After being awkward for over two hours on a freezing cold, less-than-perfect beach, we were a bit wary of how photos would turn out. The conclusion, you can see for yourself: photographers are magicians. Hope everyone finds their recipe to successful wedding planning and enjoys their engagement shoot photos as much as we did! 

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Photographer: Divya Pande | Film Lab: Goodman Film Lab

My background is as a wedding & lifestyle photographer, shooting both digital and film to create authentic, soft and natural fine art photographs. Working primarily with natural light to give my work a beautiful, light and airy touch infused with soft tones. 

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