Girls Night Glamping

Girls Night Glamping

With young girls becoming more and more grown up these days it seems only fair to give them a grown up ‘sleepover’ to suit! The summertime is synonymous with sleepovers and girls nights in so we’ve put a twist on the traditional sleepover and have taken it to the great outdoors, with a fair few luxuries to create a dreamy girls night glamping.

We’ve put together a guide to help you bring the ultimate girls night glamping to your garden!

Step 1 - Round The Girls

Because life can sometimes get busy, with all the stress of coursework and exams it's only fair they get a little break from it all for some much needed girl time! I would plan around a month in advance, when you have a better idea on the weather and a chance to get something booked in everyone's diaries. If you’re looking to find a supplier for a bell tent, enquire for availability straight away! Weekends are very popular days for glamping so book early to avoid disappointment.

Check out for great support finding the perfect suppliers!

Step 2 - Set The Scene

It's girls night so we need a relaxing and cosy space for the girls to catch up with comfy beds and warm lighting. If you want to book the true girls night glamping the are many companies across the UK that offer bell tent hire and will come and setup and dismantle the next day, saving you the stress of setting up yourself.

If you’re in the Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire or Essex us lot from Pitch Boutique can provide you with our boutique glamping package including memory foam mattresses and cosy bedding creating the perfect setting for the girls night glamping.

• When setting up your own tent these are a few things you need to remember:

• Mattresses - either blow up, roll matts or foam mattresses - just make sure you have enough space

• Warm bedding - Ask the girls to bring their own sleeping bags, or make it extra luxurious with cosy duvets and pillows.

• Lighting - Its outside so you’ll need battery powered lighting, think lots of fairy lights and lanterns.  

• Decor - Its a girls night so it needs to be pretty, why not sting up some bunting, get creative with some paper pom poms and pick so flowers from the garden.

Step 3 - Midnight Feast

No girls night is complete without a midnight feast, which is more likely to be eaten by 8pm! Get shopping for sweets, chocolate treats, crisps, popcorn, fruit platters and donuts. All the naughty but nice treats perfect for a girls catch up.

Step 4 - Pack The Material

Raid your local shop for this months selection of girly mags, from catching up on your horoscopes to the latest makeup and fashion trends these are a must have addition to any girls night.

Step 5 - Get Comfortable

The beauty of a girls night in is leaving those heels shoes at home! The invites should state a comfortable only packing list, we’re talking the fluffy sets of PJ’s, cosy slippers and even a little hot water bottle to keep them toasty during the night.

Step 6 - Stay Hydrated

Whilst we do mean drink lots of water, because H2O is always good for you, it is girls night so they deserve a treat. Why not get some Schloer in the fridge, they are ‘grown ups’ after all, stock up on your mini marshmallows and whipped cream ready for an ultimate hot chocolate to keep them cosy later on!

Step 7 - Bring The Movie Theatre Home

No girls night is complete without a tear jerking click flick! Get the laptop or iPad all charged up and download a girly movie on Netflix for them to get tucked in.

The images in this post are from a girls night for the beautiful Rosie and Millie from Colchester, Essex. We set up the ultimate girls night glamping in the garden for a proper sisterly catch up, whilst still being close enough to home they had their own space for the night.

Special thanks to Rosie & Millie for being such fab models!

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