Six Scents for Cosy Evenings

Six Scents for Cosy Evenings

The nights are getting longer and, as much as we love summer, we are so excited about the cosy evenings to come!

One of our favourite ways to relax in the autumn and winter months is with a good book and a host of candles. There is something magical about the light a candle flame casts and a high quality scented candle can transform a dark evening into something special. 

But did you know you can use aromatherapy and candles to alter your mind and change your mood too? Our sense of smell is often forgotten (unless we smell something we really don’t like) but it has the ability to trigger emotions and memories. Candles are a great way to make the most of this and inspire feelings of comfort.

There are some delicious scented candles available, but try to look for more natural ingredients or soy based candles as the artificial alternatives may set off migraines or not last as long. Here are our favourite scents and their benefits for you to experiment with, let us know your favourites too!


A good vanilla candle is far from boring. It is a sweet and cosy smell that is both soft and recognisable. Vanilla reminds many of us of home and relaxation, so is a perfect scent to use to relieve stress and unwind with. 


Lemon is a useful smell if you are looking to remain focussed and productive into the evening, maybe if you are studying or looking to make the most of your time after the kids are in bed. It has been proven to be one of the best scents for keeping clarity, but can also help you feel better if you’re feeling rundown or under the weather.


Often associated with grannies or babies, lavender is much more than a nostalgic memory of grandma’s house. Lavender is known as a scent for sleeping as it can calm anxious nerves, encourage relaxation and help relieve stress and tension. Burn a lavender candle as you wind down for bed and sprinkle essential oil on your pillows for a restorative sleep. 


Jasmine is subtle in scent but strong in its effects. Like Lavender it is a scent that can aid relaxation, but it has also been proven to have uplifting effects on your mood. It has also been linked to feelings of courage, confidence and clarity too, perfect as the winter weather approaches.


Peppermint is a crisp smell that, like lemon, can help you stay focussed and blow away any end of day fatigue. It is a great scent for stimulating the mind and Is also linked to improving digestion, so burn some peppermint candles after dinner to help prevent a post meal energy dip.


This deliciously earthy scent is used in yoga and meditation studios across the world because of its calming and grounding properties. If you’re a yogi, chances are the scent of sandalwood will be familiar to you and instantly help calm your mind. Even if you’ve never stepped foot in a yoga studio, this scent is also associated with relieving anxiety and aiding depression, so it’s wonderful to combat the darker evenings on the way.


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