How to make a garden-gathered Christmas wreath

How to make a garden-gathered Christmas wreath

To be honest, I think you should be able to hang a wreath out on your front door any season, it’s so pretty and welcoming, don’t you think? But being December and with Christmas fast approaching, the extremely talent Ali from Bloomologie is sharing her tips on how to make a garden gathered Christmas wreath.

Welcome in the festive season with a wreath of seasonal, scented fresh foliage...

I'll let you into a secret: making a wreath is easy! And it really doesn't take long to do. A fresh wreath will last for weeks outdoors and needn't cost much to make - just use what's around you. 

I go on a big foraging walk in late November, and use lots of ingredients that I an get for free, like ivy, pine cones, and holly. 

In my garden I've got eucalyptus, lavender and an olive tree - they smell amazing and dry out beautifully on a door. You can even lop the bottom branches off your Christmas tree if you want a pine wreath - one frond cut from the trunk will be enough to make a whole wreath.

If I want decorative elements, I'll add dried seed-heads from my garden, like poppies, nigella, alliums or hydrangea flower-heads. 

So, that's the ingredients covered, lets get started...

1. You will need a copper ring wreath frame - you can get them on Amazon or from Hobbycraft, or you could make a natural frame using willow or grape vine wound into a circle - and a reel of wire or twine.


2. Tie the wire or twine onto the frame and then bind clusters of foliage to the frame. Place the next cluster over the cut ends of the last cluster, working in one direction.

Try to keep the clusters a similar size as you go round in order to create an even shape, but don't worry if you have any gaps as you can prod in more foliage and twigs to hide any "wobbly bits" at the end. 


3. Once you have gone all the way round, snip the wire and twist it around the copper ring a couple of times to secure the end.     


4. Now you can add any decorative pieces if you want to, like pine cones - just tie wire around them and then tie them round the frame (trying to tuck the wire under foliage so that it isn't visible). Last of all, you can add a ribbon if you want to give your wreath an extra bit of Christmas glamour.

Now hang your wreath on your door and admire your handiwork!


Credit: Florist: Bloomology | Photography: Claire Graham Photography

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