Tips for Daily Adventures

Routine can be our best friend and our worst enemy. It helps us get the most out of our days and creates a sense of stability, but we can also fall into our daily habits so deeply that years go by in the blink of an eye. 

One way to slow down the passage of time is through adventure. The best way to live a longer life isn’t to add more years to the end of it, but to fill it with more moments that matter. The more you explore, learn and experience the more you get out of your time. But how can you fit more routine-busting  adventures into your daily life without knocking everything out of balance?

Here are a few ideas on how you can insert more adventure into your life, without throwing it off course completely! 

 New commute

One of the quickest ways to inject a mini adventure into your daily life is to try a new commute. This can be taking a new way to work or trying a different method of getting there. Try cycling on fresh mornings, or set some time aside to leave a little earlier and drive a new road. 

The time we spend commuting can often feel like dead time, but put on a podcast or audiobook and create a mini adventure through a different route and you will arrive at work already feeling like you have done something for yourself and achieved something with your day. If you are lucky enough to live near a park you can also explore it in your lunch break. Try setting yourself a mental game of I Spy and see if you can find all the objects on your list, whether that is a squirrel, unusual shaped stick or a certain tree species. Have some fun with it! 


Eat a New Cuisine 

We experience the world through our senses, so what better way to go on an adventure than through your taste buds! 

Lunch time is an excellent time to do this as we often don’t have to worry about cooking for anyone else so can be a bit more adventurous. You could dedicate one lunch break a week to trying a new restaurant or café, but it is also fun to bring your own lunch from home. Of course if you are lucky enough to work from home you can be super creative and use the opportunity as an engaging cooking break from work. Why not try a cuisine you have always been curious about, or reinventing your favourite dish in a new way. Alternatively, try picking up a new ingredient to work with every week and then look up recipes to try.


Be Mindful

We all know the benefits of being mindful and many of us have felt the peace of observing the world around us during meditation or on the yoga mat, but you can be mindful on the move too. Take time to notice the small things, the crunch of a frosty leaf under your foot, the smell of your room after you put fresh linen on the bed, the temperature of your loved one’s cheeks as you embrace. 

Taking time to truly notice the world around you will help you create a life full of deep, meaningful moments. This will help you stay curious and find enjoyment in the everyday which can be the biggest adventure after all.


Photography: Maarten Van Den Heuvel | Raw Pixel | Simon Rae

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