Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I recently came across this quote by Albert Einstein ‘A ship is always safe at the shore but that is not what it is built for’ it really resonated with me, and got me thinking about comfort zones. As that is exactly what they offer, a place where we can feel safe and comfortable. Although if we stay in our safe place how do we ever grow and learn more about our self? More so how do we ever reach our full potential?  

Those of you who follow my blog and Instagram account will know that when not busy creating flowers I really love to write. It’s an area I wanted to explore this year pursing more writing projects, so back in August I attended a one-day creative writing class for beginners at the City Academy in London. To say I felt like a fish out of water is probably an understatement! Although the class was aimed at beginners the other ladies in my class were incredibly bright academics with one of them having studied Classics for their degree at Oxford University. I’m well aware that my talents lie more in the creative realms as opposed to academia so I was mindful from the start that these ladies were in another literature league in comparison to myself. I’m not saying that to gain sympathy nor to put myself down, I know what my strengths are, I’m simply stating a fact. 

To be brutally honest I spent the first couple of hours of the class wishing I could run away, counting down the hours until it was home time! However, as I succumbed to the fact that I was there for the day and in it for the long haul I decided to give the class my all and take as much from the day that I could. Do you know what, I actually learnt a lot that day not just about creative writing with the tasks we undertook but also about myself as a person. When we broke for lunch, we visited a Gail’s bakery just a few streets away and whilst on the walk our teacher Pele asked how I was finding the class? To which I responded very honestly ‘I feel out of my depth with it’ and her response ‘that’s a good thing, otherwise how will you learn anything new?’ Both surprised and delighted me in equal measure, and reiterated exactly why it’s important to push yourself out of your comfort zone sometimes. Wanting to learn more and broaden your horizons can only enrich you as a person.  

By the afternoon I had relaxed a little and once I stopped comparing myself to everyone else in the class I started to find my own groove to the writing challenges we were given. The last piece I wrote at the end of the day, although I was reluctant to read aloud to the class I felt I had improved from the morning and was somewhat proud of what I had produced. The ladies were full of praise and encouraging words which reassured that my written piece wasn’t too shabby at all. So what else did I learn that day? Well for one thing I learnt that I’m brave enough to push myself to be in new and uncomfortable environments and that I’m willing to challenge myself, which is something in itself that needs to be applauded. I learnt not to be too hard on myself and didn’t beat myself up for finding the class challenging (something that I am notorious for is being far to hard on myself). Instead I was proud of myself for holding my own and managing to produce some pieces of written work that I was actually really pleased with. The class left me feeling really inspired to read more, write more and perfect my craft. 

I recently attended a family wedding of a cousin and there was a lady sitting at our table who I hadn’t met before (she was from the other side of the family) any how I digress. She was saying that it wasn’t until she was forty that she started saying yes to opportunities that came her way and that it was the best decision she ever made as she has now seen and experienced many new things that she hadn’t before. Prior to that she stayed firmly in her comfort zone as she felt she wasn’t capable. Hearing this I thought was such a shame that she had felt that way for so many years. My advice, don’t put something off because it seems scary or unachievable. Step out of your comfort zone, you never know where it may lead you and what you might find out about yourself too.   


Photography: Hannah Olinger | Ibrahim Rifath

I actually fell into flowers by chance, it all started whilst away travelling through Central America back in 2008 when I had an epiphany that I wanted a career that allowed me to be more creatively hands-on (up until that point I had worked in the fashion and homeware industry). I decided to take the plunge & study for a creative degree, originally enrolling for an FDA in design display but fate stepped in as the university discontinued the course. This left me wondering what on earth I would study instead? Reevaluating the list of other course options available I spotted it… Floral Design and Events Management and thought to myself ‘that sounds interesting’. After just a couple of classes, I had fallen hook line and sinker for the flowers! Three years later I graduated with a first class BA Hons degree in Floral Design and Events Management and following on from my graduation established Joanne Truby Floral Design in 2012 and have never looked back since! 

With a focus on design and details and a ‘thinking outside the box’ attitude when it comes to working with flowers, our style is natural and organic yet abundant with a romantic feel. We adore mixing different colours and textures to create stunning floral combinations. With an ethos for creating wow floral concepts, I'm inspired by many different elements around me; art, interiors, travel along with nature itself and the seasons. I adore mixing different colours and textures together to create truly stunning floral combinations and I love nothing more than seeing a design concept come to fruition on the day of a wedding or event after months of planning. I also love teaching our floral masterclasses, it makes me so happy passing on my knowledge and seeing people ecstatic with their final creations. When I’m not busy designing flowers I also love to write about them and have had the pleasure of guest blogging for a number of leading wedding blogs along with writing regular features for print magazines including Wedding Flowers and Accessories and Perfect Wedding sharing our expert knowledge and guidance on all things flower related. To me, flowers come armed with a superpower, which is never failing to evoke such happy emotions, & I feel very lucky to work with such naturally beautiful materials. I adore flowers & foliage's and like to work with the best of each season's offerings. The smell, the delicate petals and the wide array of colours, shapes and varieties available never cease to amaze me!