Dealing with Homesickness

Dealing with Homesickness

The opportunity to travel shouldn’t be passed up if that is what your heart desires. Travel teaches us about ourselves through others and gives us design, culinary and life inspiration wherever we choose to go. Many of us don’t think two week holidays are enough and take time out to travel for longer periods. Some tour Europe, others head to Asia, but there is one thing that we all have in common.

We get homesick. 

Yep. You spend all that time dreaming, scheming and saving, just to realise how much you love home. It can strike at any time, but usually after the novelty of longer term travel has worn off and the distance between you, your friends and your routine increases. 

Whilst it is totally normal to feel a longing for the familiar whilst you are off exploring the new, it can be mighty annoying. 

Here are five ways to deal with homesickness when traveling, without ruining either your trip or your emotional health! 

Acknowledge it

Don’t feel bad for feeling homesick. Many of us feel a tinge of guilt for desiring the normal when we are off living a life others dream of, but it is totally normal. And totally forgivable. Acknowledge the feeling rather than trying to bury it and it will pass much quicker. Be kind to yourself, you are human and your brain won’t always work to the logic you expect. 


Don’t Believe all You See

Especially on Social Media. It is easy to scroll through the Instafeed or travel blogs and feel very wrong for not enjoying every second of everyday on your travel adventure. There is a huge amount of pressure to look good, do everything and share your excitement with everyone but this is exhausting. If you don’t allow yourself to live your own adventure, the good the bad and the very ugly (Delhi Belly anyone?!) , what is the point of traveling? Embrace your homesickness and save the travel blogs for when you are back at your desk dreaming of your next trip. 

Focus on Home Comforts

One of the best ways to process homesickness is to write a list of your favourite things about it! From your favourite hot water bottle to the way the light dances through the leaves of the trees in the garden, the smell of the local coffeeshop or the warmth of a hug from someone you love, write it all down. Then write down a list of your favourite things about traveling and the places you have visited so far. Is it the feeling of a new adventure every day that you love? Or knowing that you are going to fall asleep in a different city to the one you woke up in? How about the food? Or the colours of the paving in the town centre? By the end you will have two lists of things you are grateful for, and knowing you have so much good stuff in your life both at home and abroad is guaranteed to make you feel better. 


Keep in touch, but not too much

Touch base with home often, but make sure you are talking to the people around you in your current location more than you are facetiming those as home. Hearing familiar voice can soothe homesickness, but too much will just make it worse. 


Finally, know that you have a choice

At the end of the day, you chose to travel, and you can choose to go home too. The world won’t end, others won’t judge you and you will have the chance to travel again in future. If your homesickness continuously takes you away from enjoying the present, it might be time to look at ending your trip. Maybe you already have what you needed from it or perhaps you realised you were travelling for all the wrong reasons. You always have a choice, but we’re guessing that when It comes down to it, you would still choose to travel! Embrace your homesickness as a positive sign that you have so much good stuff waiting for you when you get back and focus on enjoying your trips whilst you can! 


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