Today we are taking you on a trip to Luxembourg with wonderful fine art photographer Gyan Gurung Photography.  

From Gyan Gurung Photography: Luxembourg city is the epitome of 'charming', where old meets new so harmoniously and add to each other’s beauty effortlessly. I fell in love with the winding streets up and down, with houses so colourful perched at the edge of cliffs. Follow the walking path by the river towards Grund (the historic quarter of the city) and this will take you through Parc de la Petrusse which was so serene and peaceful. On this walk, will pass through deep valleys and steep climbs with sweeping views of the city, and the castles on rocks. Luxembourg city is tiny and you can easily walk everywhere which is how I would recommend you explore the city. This makes it a perfect destination for a day trip or a quick stop between travels as I think that is enough time to see its best parts.

Another great thing about Luxembourg city is its proximity to France, Belgium and Germany. If you are there for a weekend (I was there for 3 days) and have access to a car, I highly recommend exploring outside the city. On the 2nd day, we drove 2 hours down to the French city of Strasbourg for a day (not to be mistaken with Strasburg, Austria).
We were in awe of the beautiful architecture in the likeness of Tudor and German renaissance, and a magnificent imposing gothic Strasbourg Cathedral. My favourite part was walking by the canals and curious little streets. Make sure to try the local cuisine, Flamenkuch for lunch!

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe and is also known as 'Valley of the Seven Castles'. On our final day, we drove around the Eisch valley just outside of Luxembourg City to visit seven different castles. It does feel like we are following a treasure trail, going from one castle to another as you simply follow a route. Although they were fairly close to each other (furthest distance between two was about half an hour drive I believe), we only managed to do five in the end (I'll take the blame for waking up late in the morning!)

Each castle was different than the other and with their own history- some are merely ruins now, some just a turret. Heavily pictured below, it is quite clear that the New Castle of Ansembourg was my favourite because of its stunning gardens and features. This was the grandest castle we saw that day and most certainly the most well looked after as it was frequently visited for its beautiful gardens! If it is this pretty in the icy and barren winter, I cannot imagine how it will look in the height of spring and summer when the garden comes alive and the fountains actually have water running through them instead of being frozen in ice! It will truly be a sight to behold!

If you are looking to explore somewhere new and outside of the typical European destinations, Luxembourg has a lot to offer. It does seem to be typically one of those places that you just add on to the itinerary if you happen to be nearby on the French, German or Belgium border but the extra day trip to see the Seven Castles was definitely worth it!


Photography:  Gyan Gurung Photography

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