Four Autumn City Breaks

Four Autumn City Breaks

Golden leaves, crisp mornings and fields heavy with the harvest - there is something magical about the arrival of autumn!

It may mean saying goodbye to hazy afternoons and humid nights, but it is also a season that inspires change and new beginnings. It can inspire more than a little wanderlust, too.

If your summer holiday feels like a distant memory and your back-to-work daily routine is already feeling a little mundane, it is time to escape with an autumn city break. Discover the beauty of the season in a whole new way with our top picks for city breaks that make the most of the changing season.


The Dutch capital often brings a few stereotypes to mind, but if you let your feet take you away from the crowds you’ll find cobbled streets lined with golden foliage and arched bridges reflecting across still canal waters. 

Small shops and cafes of all varieties can be found in abundance, giving you plenty of opportunities to warm up from the fresh autumn air. Vondelpark in the centre of town is wonderful to stroll through as the clouds chase each other through the sky, or you can be brave and hire a bike for a truly Dutch experience. Then warm up with a stroopwafel and ‘warme chocolade’ for the perfect cosy evening. 



We have a soft spot for Paris at any time of the year but as the nights get longer and the weather crisper, the culture and architecture of Paris really begins to shine. 

There are fewer tourists in autumn (but it can still be bustling in the hot spots) so you can take Paris at a more leisurely pace. You’ll even be able to find an outdoor terrace or two with a free table – something that is nearly impossible in the warmer months! Just make sure you pack a scarf and layer up as the evening temperature drops quickly. 



Often overlooked when dreaming up weekend getaways, the Danish capital Copenhagen is a hidden gem promising culture, natural beauty and budget-friendly travel logistics. Like Amsterdam, one of the best ways to see the city is by bike, but Copenhagen feels a lot more tranquil. The autumn light highlights the beauty of the city and the simple elegance of Scandinavian design and cycling gives you enough time to see the small details that make the bigger picture. 

It isn’t a large city so perfect for a weekend escape as you can see most of the major sights, and discover a few extra, within a limited time frame. It may sound a little morbid, but Vestre Cemetery is one of the most lovely sites in autumn, providing a space to reflect on what your year has brought you so far, and recharge as the festive season approaches!



Of course, you don’t even need to leave the UK to get a cheeky city break in this autumn. London is simply stunning as the royal parks turn from green to red and there are plenty of free, indoor attractions to keep you busy if the iconic UK weather isn’t on your side.  It may be close to home for many of us, but it still makes an inspiring autumn escape! 

Photography: Claire Graham Photography | Martin Heiberg | Brittany Mahood

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