Today we are in for a super treat, as honeymooner Leah from Health & Wellness shares her breathtaking trip to the beautiful island of Santorini.

From Leah: Santorini has long been on our bucket list and there was no doubt it was an option for our honeymoon. Whilst the beautiful whitewashed island is extremely popular in areas such as Oia, Imerovigli and Thira, we were also able to explore the islands quaint treasures through recommendations from the locals! 

Having looked into the best areas to stay we chose Imerovigli, positioned between Oia and Thira as it is reviewed as the quietest, most romantic village in Santorini and we truly believed that to be true. Whilst many had advised the most picturesque sunsets in Oia, the silence that surrounded us as we dined on a private terrace (organised by the lovely staff at Sophia Suites) looking out from the caldera to the most beautiful sunset was a moment we will never forget. I hadn't ever heard people talk about the clear night skies in Santorini, I saw my first shooting star as my husband pointed out the brightest constellations I had ever seen. 

Our accommodation at the Sophia Suites was truly beautiful, we spent a long time researching and immediately fell in love with The Crypt Suite. It's elegance and simplicity (along with the pink headboard) made our stay just as relaxing as we'd hoped. With an indoor cave pool, the most friendly and accommodating staff and breathtaking views of Skaros Rock and beyond, Sophia Suites is definitely a recommendation for future travellers! 

For our first evening out we asked Novita, the lovely lady at reception who organised everything we needed, where we could eat that was attended by locals. She sent us in a taxi east of the island where we arrived in Yalos. We saw an overturned boat which in turn we found was our table for the evening. Here we ate delicious seafood, served by a very humble waiter named Dimitri, and watched the sun hit the sea in a mist of pink skies with fairy lights and candles surrounding us. How could it get better than this? Johnny Cash playing in the background of course! 

Having chosen to stay in Imerovigli, we faced Skaros Rock which we climbed on day two. just before you begin the climb you reach a small chapel, Agios Ioannis Katiforis which is perfect for photos as you see Oia in the distance. On day three we hiked from Imerovigli to Oia. I would advise trainers to any future travellers as it is quite steep with bumpy paths places. Do not worry as there is a lovely gentleman around half way of your journey with a rustic coffee stop set up to give you that extra kick before you make the descent into Oia. We had been strongly advised to visit Sunset Amoudi, a seafood restaurant in Amoudi Bay. Be prepared to walk down 300 plus steps, I assure you it is worth it! As real foodies, we were in our element here with such a mouthwatering choice of fresh seafood! 

Rent a car! This is something we considered before arriving on the island. Taxis are a little difficult to hunt down due to the busy season and are quite expensive! For fifty euros we rented a car for 24 hours where we explored the whole island! We travelled to Pygros Village; the highest village in Santorini. As you work your way up from the square you come across two hillside cafes, a great stop for a glass of wine! Walking through the narrow streets of were jewellery shops, gift shops, churches and white walls covered in Bougainvillea. Pygros is truly magical and definitely a hidden gem on the island! On our travels, we also visited Perissa Beach before finally making our way to Profitis Ilias, the highest point in Santorini with breathtaking views from a different angle of the island! 

Towards the end of our trip, we decided to try dining in some traditional Greek Taverns aside from our fine dining meals that we'd been recommended. I would really suggest mixing your eating experiences as some of the nicest food we experienced was in quaint, family-run taverns. Having eaten at a beautiful tavern in Oia we came across Atlantis Bookshop in the basement of one of Santorini's whitewashed houses with the most idyllic rooftop area to sit and read your chosen book. With poetry written on the walls and spiralled across the ceiling, a moment of reflection on our honeymoon and appreciation of married life! 

On our last evening, we called over a waiter at a bar called Onar (very modern and great for cocktails) and asked if he ever got tired of the views he saw every day. His response 'no sir, it is good for your mind, it is very relaxing and makes you forget that you are working'. The people in Santorini had a sense of calmness which I think we all need a little more of. 

A beautiful island, with something for everyone whether it be romance, a family holiday, a break alone or a place to escape.

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