Travelling Solo

Travelling is one of the greatest ways to experience life, but if you find yourself waiting for the right time or for someone to go with, you may find your opportunities to discover new places cut short. 

If you’re fed up of waiting for someone to be as excited about your adventures as you are, it could be time to consider travelling solo. In a world where ‘alone’ is often confused with ‘lonely’, travelling solo can sound pretty alarming but hear us out – solo travel is one of the greatest ways you can learn about yourself

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your solo adventures, whilst staying safe and present in the moment. 


Whether you’re planning a weekend escape to Paris or looking to hike Peru for three months, travelling solo means you have to pack light – after all you are the only one there to carry it! However, an essential item for any solo adventure is a journal or notebook to capture your thoughts, ideas and reflections. Journaling is a wonderful way to document your trip and capture the moment. It is also a great way to ‘communicate’ with yourself and helps you connect to the moment. When you return you’ll have a private memento which documents your journey and growth. Just remember to bring a pen too!

Plan in advance, but leave room to improvise

Organisation is key to managing any trip and without others to consider, your schedule when travelling alone can be as full or as empty as you wish. Whatever you intend to do with your trip, it is important to plan in advance to help minimise stress and increase your safety. Look at local transport options, think about your budgets and leave plenty of time to get from a to b. 

However, don’t get hung up on filling every moment. Sometimes the space in between – such as a relaxed coffee in a local café or chilling in a hostel community area – will present you with opportunities you could never have planned. Leave room for the magic to happen too! 

Seek company

When you travel solo you are much more open to meeting new people and discovering new ways of life. After all, if you travel with a companion you’re much more likely to focus on them. Look out for tours and events which bring people together, especially if you’re going to be in one place for a while. You’ll soon find that travelling alone can be anything but lonely. 


Stay in touch

As exciting as wandering off by yourself is (it feels so liberating!), you still need to think about your safety and be responsible. Let your loved ones know you’re ok, your plans and where you intend to be at each stage of your trip. You can also leave notes in your hotel room informing staff of your intended whereabouts – just in case the worst does happen. It goes without saying that your personal safety is also paramount when travelling solo, so drink responsibly, look after yourself and trust your gut. 

 Enjoy the freedom!  

We are surrounded by others for most of our lives and it can be hard to distinguish our thoughts from the noise around us. Travelling solo is a wonderful adventure which will test your boundaries, provide you with experiences you could never predict and give you time to really get to know yourself and what you are capable of. Start small but dream big, the world is waiting for you!

Photography: Jason Leung | Victoriano Izquierdo | Tyler Nix

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