Top 5 books to read this summer

Swimsuit? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Overly ambitious selection of books for a holiday away with young children? Of course. Even if these days I don’t get quite as many lazy afternoons devouring a book on the sun lounger as I’d like (way too many sandcastles to build and pool bombing competitions to judge), I never go on holiday without packing at least a couple of books. From moving memoirs to moody thrillers, here’s just some of the new reads that made it into my suitcase this year (and I loved).


I Am, I Am, I Am: Seventeen Brushes with Death-Maggie O’Farrell

Author Maggie O’ Farrell produces a really powerful memoir with a difference; by recounting seventeen separate near-death experiences that have shaped her life and defined who she is today. From a near fatal childhood illness to a remote encounter with a stranger, these snatches of life and near-misses make for an utterly moving and compelling read, and I found it even more poignant when read in the present day context of her young daughter’s life-changing health condition. 

Can You Hear Me-Elena Varvello

Part coming of age story, part psychological thriller, I pretty much finished this short novel in one sitting. Set in a small Italian town during a long hot 1970s summer, sixteen year old Elia’s fairly dull and unremarkable life begins to unravel as his father’s mental health deteriorates and a couple of shockingly violent crimes are committed, rocking his small community. Moody and intense.

Little Fires Everywhere- Celeste Ng

Starting with a house set on fire by a troubled teenage daughter, it soon becomes clear that ‘flames’ of one sort or another are ablaze throughout the community of Shaker Heights in this brilliant book, set in 1990s America. Focussing on two families whose lives become intertwined, I found it a really interesting and engaging read with strong characters, exploring family, race, politics and what it means to be a mother. 


The Party-Elizabeth Day

This dark and twisted story of friendship, class, envy and obsession almost immediately reminded me of The Talented Mr.Ripley. From the claustrophobic opening scene, set in a police interview room, I was completely drawn into the story of outsider Martin, and how the events on the night of his best friend’s 40th birthday party have brought him to be here, under police interrogation. Is he the perpetrator or the victim? Despite there being not one likeable character in the whole book (even our narrator Martin is thoroughly unpleasant), it’s a gripping page turner and the perfect beach read.

This is Going to Hurt- Adam Kay

At times properly laugh out loud funny, at others eye-openingly tragic, this is a brutally honest account of working as a junior doctor for the NHS. As someone who is incredibly grateful to the dedicated and hardworking people who have looked after myself and my loved ones over the years, I found it a very humbling read, filled with humanity and emotion, but without being sentimental. Kay has basically written a very funny, very frank love letter to the NHS and all the amazing people who work very hard to hold it together, most of the time. Essential reading

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