Travelling With A Baby

With Summer upon us, and families looking to escape abroad for holiday fun, it can be quite daunting to leave the comforts of your home where you have all your baby essentials at your fingertips. 

Being from South Africa, where my family still are, it’s important to me to go back once a year. That said, travelling as husband and wife (or even solo!) on an 11 hour flight is a doddle compared to the thought of travelling as a family of 3 with a baby under 1. However, that was not going to stop us from going. Instead, as reassurance (and in the name of due diligence and pre-planning!), we decided to have a practice run with a 2 hour flight for a mini European break in advance of our long haul flight to South Africa. 

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Something I definitely felt overwhelmed by, was the packing list. My main concerns included: how to fit it all into our suitcase within the luggage weight allowance, and how to be prepared for every eventuality with a baby. Having spoken to lots of friends and family for their advice, as well as doing A LOT of research online, I think I have come up with a fairly good, tried and tested, packing checklist when travelling with a baby. I’ve been asked by friends and family since to share it, so I thought I would share it with you too:

·       Bath (inflatable preferably, so that it’s light and packs flat in your suitcase)

·       Mosquito net for cot

·       Blackout blinds

·       Mosquito net for buggy

·       Travel buggy

·       Car seat

·       Bed sheets

·       Enough bottles (if required)

·       Brush to clean your bottles (if required)

·       Formula (if required)

·       Steriliser bags / Milton tablets

·       Bibs

·       Muslins

·       Thermometer

·       Calpol

·       Nasal spray

·       Changing mat

·       Wipes, nappies & swimming nappies

·       Nappy rash cream

·       Baby monitor

·       Factor 50 Sun cream

·       Sun hats

·       Comfortable clothes (preferably light colours)

·       Sleeping bag (0.5 tog)

·       Travel cot (unless supplied)

·       Some toys

·       Canopy or umbrella for the pushchair

·       Car window shade

·       UBA protection pop up tent

·       Nail clippers

·       Baby Toiletries

·       Flask to keep water / milk / food warm

With all of the above accounted for my biggest top tip, which I was given by another mummy, was to pre-order bulky / heavy items like food pouches and nappies online using Boots’ website at least 2 weeks in advance of your trip. You can then collect your items at the Boots store in departures after you’ve checked in. This saved me so much space (and weight!) in my suitcase as I could carry it on the plane with me, and for the most part, these items were consumable, meaning I didn’t need to worry about bringing any of it back home with us. Nifty!


Having now travelled to Europe and South Africa, the benefit of these destinations is the minimal time difference, so we didn’t suffer any jet lag. I’d love to hear your advice for tackling jet lag with a little one – as I’ve not done that yet! And do let me know if you have any other items to add to the list above – it’s an evolving and growing list which I’m sure we could all benefit from. 

Happy holidays!

Credits: Olli Ella See Ya Suitcase  |  Liesl Lamare

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