Keeping Fit when Travelling

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal

Travelling is a break from the routine, that’s what makes it so wonderful! However, if you’re often on the road or planning an extended trip, one of the first things to suffer as a result of a loss of routine is your physical wellness. 

Sure, you may not notice much of a difference physically at first, but skipping workouts when on the road will likely lead to energy slumps, poor food choices and decreased mobility. These things aren’t so bad if you’re just enjoying a two week trip, but longer periods with fewer workouts will soon add up.

Working out on the go doesn’t need to be expensive or require specialist equipment. Here are four ways to keep your fitness routine - even if you tell all your other routines to ‘hit the road’ when you set off on your travels! 


One Step at a Time

Been given a room on the top floor and the elevator is broken? Congratulations – this is your chance to get your heart rate up! Been given a room on the ground floor next to the reception? Go climb the stairs anyway.

Climbing stairs burns more calories per minute than a light jog, whilst the benefits of getting your heart rate up – even for short time periods- including reducing your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. Taking the stairs is also good for your bone strength and muscle density, so take a flight or two whenever you can. 

Tune In

One of the joys of the internet is that you can access qualified teachers and whole routines anywhere and anytime. No more waiting for an overbooked gym class!

 A simple YouTube search for your favourite workout style will often result in hundreds of results which are possible to do anywhere. Popular channels to try include HIIT training with The Body Coach Joe Wicks or Yoga with Adriene, but there are 100s of videos out there for all abilities, resources and space availability. Try a yoga session before your hotel breakfast and you’ll feel super accomplished before you’ve even left the premises! 

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When travelling the best way to discover a new place is through using your body. From exploring local parks to hiking local ridges, getting adventurous with rafting or opting for the cycle city tours over traditional sightseeing trips – there are always options available to you to make your day more active. The best night’s sleep often follows a day of adventure and movement  - and better sleep means you’ll be up for doing something equally as active the next day too! 


Practice Mindfulness

Physical health is rooted in your mind but life on the road can unbalance even the most grounded individuals. Take a few minutes daily to meditate, really focus on your meal prep, give thanks for your meals and really try to be present in every moment given. Cultivating mindfulness on the go will help you make the most of your travels and give you stability no matter how busy your schedule is.

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