Pack It In!

Smart travel hacks for making the most of your luggage

Who doesn’t love a trip away? First you start counting down the days, then you start getting bubbles of excitement flipping your tummy every now and then as departure day crawls closer… Then suddenly it’s the night before and your good mood is completely ruined by your inability to get everything into your suitcase AND get the darn thing to close. Meanwhile, as you struggle to fit all your stuff in, you can’t help but think that you’ve left something out. Welcome to the world of packing, possibly the only thing about going away to dread. 

No more. Take a stand (no, not on your case) and teach yourself the art of packing perfection. A light suitcase translates to a light mind which will leave you more open to adventures, and maybe even a few souvenirs too!

Roll with it

When I was first instructed to roll my clothes in my bag, I was horrified. The poor things were creased enough by the time I reached my destination, why would I roll them up? Simple. Rolling your clothes not only helps economise space in bags (perfect for hand luggage only city breaks) but it actually reduces the crinkles and wrinkles of travelling. Whilst folding leaves very definite lines across your outfits, rolling doesn’t. It feels oh so wrong but when you arrive and unravel your clothes it will seem oh so right!

Pair Up

If you are travelling with just hand luggage, limit your shoes and trousers to only two pairs. Then, for extra ease wear the heavier pairs on the plane. So if you have a heavy pair of boots and denim, consider wearing them to travel to keep the weight out of your carry on and make more space. This concept of layering a flight outfit also works for hoodies and jackets. If you can tuck a zipped hoodie under your jacket (without fear of passing out from the heat) do it to maximise your space. Likewise, if you’re taking a hat that is at risk of being squished in your bag, work out a way of integrating it into your flight outfit. Of course, personal discretion is a big consideration here, be playful but if those boots are simply not going to go with those trousers experiment with outfit combinations that are both stylish and help you get more clothes to your destination. 

 Capsule Cool

Often, I embrace packing by imagining I’m building a capsule wardrobe. I love the idea of an elegant wardrobe of stylish essentials but have never been disciplined enough to clear out my clothes collection for this cause. However, when I’m travelling I have to think smart about how many outfit combinations I can make out of the clothes selected. So I keep it simple (think black jeans, blue jeans and a skirt for the bottoms and two tees, one shirt and a cami for tops) and work out how the items I’m packing can layer together. It’s a task that starts out on the tedious side but you’ll be channelling your inner fashion stylist before you know it!

Vanity is Everything

I used to travel with all of my cosmetics in separate bottles. Then be super frustrated when I couldn’t find them when I needed them or even worse, open my case to find them leaking all over next week’s outfits (bright purple shampoo on white shirt, terrible look). I have since invested in a small vanity case for longer trips, which goes into my suitcase. Not only does this keep everything together and any future spillages contained, but it also makes me feel super feminine and chic when I place it on the marbled tops of the hotel bath room. It saves space too as it fits into my case more efficiently. Better still, because I know the bottles are safe I don’t decant any luxury products into travel bottles. It’s the little things, no matter where you are!

Photography: STIL

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