Muğla is a province in southwestern Turkey on the Aegean Sea. Part of the Turquoise Coast, it's known for upscale resort towns and picturesque beaches. With several significant historical sites, large lakes and breathtaking scenery it’s no wonder Mugla is becoming a popular holiday town.

From Yuliz: In summer we always dream of the blue waters, green mountains or sunny skies.. we seek for the vitamin sea or mineral sun! there are ofcourse lots of popular get away locations within Mediterranean countries but I believe, not only because it is my native country, but also because Turkey is the very dreamy on but very underestimated on travel world. But the ones who visit turquoise coasts of this beautiful country of mine, they always come back for more! Marmaris area has always been so special for me and along with lots of European tourists, but Bozburun, little town of Marmaris, is a hidden gem. Deep blue seas, lots of delicious fresh seafood, amazing sunsets.. and in that hidden gem there is another beauty; Karia Bel Hotel . Karia Bel is the definition of a quiet get away with good food and nature! with no land access, they welcome you to their hotel with their boats and you settle into your sea view room, each decorated differently that reflect Mediterranean lifestyle, and enjoy 50 shades of blue with your freshly baked pastries or specially prepared drinks.. From it’s owner to each staff member at the hotel, they make sure you feel more than at your home. You definitely feel Turkish hopitality at its best!

Starting from early in the morning with bird singing, you are introduced to the best turkish style breakfast with lots of fresh vegetables and fruits and organic eggs. Late in the afternoon you'll get your afternoon tea time with their freshly baked homemade pasteries.. And those dinner times right on the water with the great sunset colors is epic. At night you can see the infinite numbers of stars shining upon you..

I love places where you feel like you are home, or as if you belong to every inch of the place. Where your heart feels the warmness of the culture.. Places where instantly and instinctively makes you happy! And in the end you will be addicted and would want to come back before the next summer.. And in Karia bel you would like to start your summer and end it there everytime..period!

You can reach Bozburun by fly into Dalaman International Airport where you can get Havaş or Muttaş coaches towards Marmaris Coach Station, and from there you can either request a shuttle from the hotel or take another minibus to Bozburun and they will pick you up from the port with their hotel boat...