I have such fond memories of Mallorca as a child, on many occasions, we traveled to this beautiful island for our family holiday.  I’ve often thought about returning to see how the island has changed or not and to experience all the beauty as an adult.  Luckily for us, today on the blog, amazing lifestyle blogger, Claire from The Green Eyed Girl is sharing her trip to this glorious island and it has certainly made my top 5 places to travel to in 2019!

From Claire: I think until recently I must have been the only person alive not to be aware of the charms of Mallorca. Somehow it had totally escaped my notice until my husband Will suggested a weekend in Palma for the early May bank holiday.

After a little more thought and research we decided to ditch the city and go to the mountains instead, maximising our time by heading straight to the airport after work on Friday.

I love how doable this is in Europe. One minute I was sat at my desk replying to emails and only a few short hours later I was sipping on a Sangria in a beautiful finca in Mallorca.

We didn’t have the best of luck with the weather which thwarted our plans a little but luckily the rain only lasted a day and then the sun came out, so here’s what we got up to in (slightly over) 48 hours in Mallorca.

Where to stay

We were spoiled for choice of beautiful, small boutique hotels (as is our preference) on the island but decided upon hotel Mirabo near the very beautiful town of Valdemossa.

Perched on the side of what feels likes it’s own private tree-filled mountain, the finca was a stone built, ivy covered dream with shutters to boot. The interiors were all bare stone and linen with rattan and glass.

Gravelled, orange-tree lined paths led to our stand-alone bedroom which had its own little patio and deck chairs. We didn’t get to test the pool, although I was tempted, but one dip of the foot was enough to realise that perhaps early May was a bit too early for a plunge. The views from the pool however were sublime and you could help yourself to a drink from the honesty bar conveniently located at an arms stretch from the sun lounger.

The host Antonio was friendly and charming, providing the perfect amount of information to help plan our days. In fact, we ate almost exclusively at restaurants he recommended and couldn’t fault one of them.

Breakfast was simple, good coffee, freshly squeezed orange, a small European buffet and eggs to order (excellent eggs in fact).

We could have lazed around the finca for the whole weekend, but there was too much to see to be that lazy.

A word of warning, you’ll really need a hire car if you are staying at Mirabo and ideally be a reasonably confident driver. The road to the finca is steep, narrow and basically hairpin bend after hairpin bend! The reward is the views but you’ve got to put some effort in to get them!


The pretty town of Valdemossa quickly became our favourite place to visit.

The honey coloured buildings, cobbled paths and cute boutiques are all I could really ask for.

Our first visit was in the rain and we took shelter in Miranda. The cosy little restaurant had a wood burning stove that kept us warm and the most gorgeous arched windows allowing us a view of the fog!

Order the Sangria to drink, Patatas Bravas and caprese rolls and you won’t be disappointed.

We came back on our last night to the same restaurant and those windows were thrown wide open to let the (much anticipated) summer breeze in and this time celebrating views right over the valley, even showing is a glimpse of our finca home from home.

For something a little more sophisticated try Es Roquissar. Another rainy night had us huddled indoors in this little restaurant, where being so close to our neighbouring diners only helped add to the charm.

The food was delicious and exceptionally well presented. 


The next town along from Valdemossa is Deia and it instantly had me dreaming of my retirement in a hillside finca of my own on Mallorca.

This tiny place is perched on the hillside and oozes charm and glamour.

Lemon trees grow two the the dozen and sport lemons the size of melons.

We spent a blissful hour meandering the few streets and taking pictures before heading on.

The roads between these town are winding and beautiful and a magnet for cyclists. If you have heard people warn you of the roads on the Amalfi Coast, they haven’t been to Mallorca in the spring. I had to cover my eyes as I was sure we would hit a car, bike, coach or dive off the road in a bid to miss one of the above. Luckily Will took it in his stride and navigated us though safely!

Port Sóller

We had planned to stop at Sóller but opted for the coast instead and carried on going to Port Sóller. We parked up at the beach end and strolled along the promenade to the port side.

It’s a lively area with plenty of restaurants, shops, a good beach and plenty of gorgeous boats to ogle at.

Finally the sun made it’s way out from behind the clouds and we stopped for a bite to eat ordering all the dishes of the day including some delicious garlic prawns.

If I hadn’t have packed my carry on suitcase full to burst on the way out, I would have made the most of any remaining free space by filling it full of basket bags which were for sale on every corner in Mallorca.

And what we would do/see if we went back (which I hope we will)

Before we went, I did a shout out on Instagram of what we should see and had loads of great recommendations. Sadly we didn’t have the time to do everything but here are some of the things that are on my list for next time:

  • Soller Market and the Seller to Port Soller tram! It only takes about 10 minutes and looks like a great way to travel between the two towns.

  • Pollenca – A beautiful old town with gorgeous views, buildings, shops and a market worth catching

  • Ecovinyasa Citrus Farm – I only found out about this place after our visit thanks to Rebecca from Roses and Rolltops. There is an entrance fee but you get a light lunch and drinks and can eat as much fruit as you like.

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