Amalfi Coast

The last time I visited the Amalfi Coast was 3 years ago when I attended a workshop hosted by photographers Sandra Aberg, KT Merry and stylist Joy Proctor.  The workshop was an amazing experience and took my photography to the next level as well as leaving incredible and lasting memories of the Amalfi Coast.

I would be lying if I didn’t say for the whole of the 3 years I wasn’t pining to revisit the quaint towns, explore the history, charm and culture that the Amalfi holds.  So with my 40th birthday looming I was thrilled to discover that my husband would be whisking me away to Amalfi for a long weekend.

When travelling to the Amalfi in late Spring it’s a little awkward on the packing!  The secret is layer up, in the sun it’s warm I would even stretch to saying you could comfortably wear shorts.  However, in the shade and in the evening it’s chilly brrrrrrr.

All that said it certainly did not put a dampener on the trip, it was comfortable to walk around, just meant I was doing the hokey cokey a lot, putting my cardigan on, taking my cardigan off, on, off, on, off…….

We flew to Naples and then hired a car to drive to Amalfi, which isn’t for the fainthearted! A little tip, if you suffer from car sickness make sure you take some travel sickness tablets. Driving the roads along the coast is not to be missed as the views are breathtaking, but be prepared for the narrow winding roads, also allow as much time as possible as traffic can be a nightmare.

It took as a little under 2 hours to finally arrive at our hotel, Convento Di Amalfi and I was blown away with it’s uniqueness.  The hotel is located at the top of Amalfi which inevitably has amazing views of the port, coastline and Amalfi square.  Convento Di Amalfi is a stunning historical building which occupies a 13th century convent and still holds a church within the old architecture.

As mentioned, we had a car to travel around in, but there were buses and taxi boats that were frequent and not that expensive travelling to other towns along the coast line, Capri and Sorrento.  I would advise taking the opportunity to explore the different towns, they are quite small and have their own little quirkiness. 

After visiting a few towns, we decided on our last day to drive to Sorrento, it was a toss up between Capri or Sorrento.  If we had more time we defiantly would have done both, but being short on time, we chose Sorrento.

I’m so glad we did, Sorrento is such a charming place with many cobblestone winding roads trailing off to bars, restaurants and local shops which are all worth exploring.  We eventually found ourselves in a pretty little port full of locals and a few tourists – it was very old fashioned and picturesque.

We then headed backup to the main tourist area and found a wonderful restaurant/bar, Artis Domus which to my amazement had cats, rabbits and a little pig wondering around the gorgeous lush greenery that was full of lemon and orange trees.

We stayed here for a while soaking up the warm sun and atmosphere whilst enjoying tasty food and sipping a few glasses of the local wine, well it would have been rude not too!

So to sum it up in a nutshell….

  • I would recommend visiting, Ravello, Amalfi, Positano and if you have time Sorrento & Capri.  I will find time to visit Capri next time, it’s meant to be beautiful.
  • I stayed at the Convento Di Amalfi in Amalfi on this trip and at the Hotel Belmond Caruso in Ravello last time.  Both are delightful and the customer service is exceptional.
  • Ristorante Marina Grande in Amalfi and Artis Domus in Sorrento.
  •  Worth seeing is the Villa Cimbone and Villa Rufolo in Ravello and the Monumental Complex in Amalfi.

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I have always appreciated and valued the simple things in life and finding the interesting in the ordinary.  Coco Lane was founded as I wanted to create something that is about an experience, the slower pace of life, cosiness and candlelight, cuddling up on the sofa with loved ones, being with the people you love, sharing food with close friends, a feeling of home, nurturing a chosen career, wanderlust travels, savouring the small moments in everyday life and just being you and enjoying a cup of tea.

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