Weekending…what we get up to on the weekends and how we spend them. Well for me, I don’t exactly have traditional weekends and haven’t for many years. Yep, the nature of hospitality and in particular, weddings, means my weekends are more mid-weeking. That said, I do still get days off and luckily two days in a row (or most of the time!) Anyhow I’m sure we all agree that time off work is needed; the chance to relax and the chance to do something fun…or if you’re like me, catch up on some housework!? Ok, ok, I promise, I keep that to a minimum, however anyone else notice how much you turn into your mum once you move out and slightly obsess about cleaning? No, Ok, still on my own there then! BUT housework aside, I do love my time off, but how I spend it often causes conflict. You see I am a very balanced person, but contradictory of extremes. I have severe lazy moments and then extra ordinary lively moments, where I can’t sit still and want to go everywhere and see everything. 


I know from experience that it is vital to have some ‘me’ time and to relax a little. But I can’t help feeling slightly guilty if I haven’t got out of my pj’s and at least done something productive by 10am. So here is where I have a deal with myself; two days off, one lazy day, one active day. It keeps the harmony and balance and means I get the best of both worlds.


Granted, my ‘active’ days aren’t exactly filled with marathons, triathlons or endless gymming, however they do involve getting by body into gear, making an effort and going on walks or exploring local towns, villages and pubs (I have to find an excuse to find some food and drink…it’s a serious and dedicated hobby you know!). I went through childhood with  a variety of hobbies such as swimming, dancing, choir and horse riding…of which I’m going to take up again because you realise how much you miss something when you have time to kill (moving to a new area where you know nobody does that to you)  and as you grow, so do your hobbies and interest. As with all things ‘me’, some are more relaxed and others more get-up-and-go. As mentioned, I have a love of food and drink and my explorations often involve visiting new villages and towns, mooching around the shops and boutiques; who can resist! And above all trying out eateries and bars, especially the quaint and individual ones. I adore the tapas and multi-dish style restaurants at the moment, but you can’t beat an olde worlde country pub with an open fire and an excellent roast with excellent selection of wines and local ale…or cider. 


With my rural and farming background, I can resist pulling on my boots and getting out into the open air and walking in the countryside. I have long found inspiration in nature and the countryside and it certainly inspires everything I do and what I love. Nothing beats connecting with nature and feeling the ground beneath your feet (muddy or otherwise) and feeling the breeze in your hair and the sun (or rain…this is the UK!) on your face. Studying Geography for a degree and growing up in a rural area, I have a real interest in landscape and my surroundings, so views and framing fascinate me on my walks I take. I love the natural landscape, but man-made ones are equally as interesting. Upon moving to the Cotswolds, I was aware of the gorgeous honey hued stone, but nothing can quite beat being up and close to some of the cottages and buildings and the architecture truly is quite inspiring. My romantic nature often finds me exploring old abbey and castle ruins and I find something quite mythical and magical about cathedrals too. The windows; the ceilings; the detail really is quite breath taking, and I really seem to have a thing about doors and keys…you never know what is behind them! 


On the flip side and when I’m in need of getting back into the warmth, I can be found curled up, cosied up to the max with the softest clothes known to man, a blanket, a mug of something hot and a good book. Some serious hygge right there. I am really embracing the hygge lifestyle right now and it works so well for the winter and when the good old British weather is at it’s worst and I couldn’t think of anything worse than going outside. Reading used to take over my life when I was younger and for one reason or another I had lost my way over recent years. Nothing will ever compare to my love for Jane Austen, which I may explain another time, however I have recently discovered Katie Fforde (I know I know, where have I been!) and well it’s just my kind of romantic escapism. I am not one for thrillers or action but give me characters and a whole lot of love and I’m there. However, I do love Lorna Doone and Black Beauty…neither are particularly light hearted but they have special places in my heart as I’m sure do many different books for you?


As I’m sure you know by now, food is my heaven and with a nan and sister who bake…I was always going to be a bit of a baker too. Soooo in addition to feet up, a cuppa and book in hand, I can always find time to pause to bake up something delicious to tuck into for a mid-afternoon smackerel. It is mostly always chocolate orientated and my obsession for salted caramel has perhaps taken over a little, particularly when sandwiched between brownies. HEAVEN! Or maybe a Guinness and Baileys choc cake…perfect for St Patricks Day!


My days off are also spent daydreaming…yep…I have always been a little bit head-in-cloud kinda gal. Luckily, I do put this vivid imagination, wishing and wanting to good use. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about gratitude and being thankful for everything in my life, but that doesn’t stop my planning nature get the better of me. Hence the social media spent hours in my free time. Whether pinning ideas about my ideal home on Pinterest, posting beautiful inspo pics on Instagram or putting my thoughts out into the ether via blogging; sometimes my time off is spent a little bit working…but my love for all things food, interiors, countryside and weddings takes over, I really can’t help it. Anyone else find they become a little workaholic if they do something they love? Can anyone really switch off? I know I’m guilty of perhaps overworking, but I have learnt when I need to take time out and time off and do the things I love doing; being lazy or active.


How does everyone else spend their time off and what does weekending mean to you...?

Photography: Wish Wish WishCider with Rosie | Emma Lewis

With a background in hospitality, property and weddings, I now find myself living and working in one of the most beautiful parts of the country; The Cotswolds. I have a passion for all things wedding, interior design, food, fashion, floral and rural and my love of the countryside inspires everything I do.

A former wedding planner and stylist for an event and catering company, I have worked within luxury boutique hotels and now work within Interior Design. I also still participate regularly in helping to plan, coordinate weddings and photo shoots and have recently started Daphne & George, where I can bring all of my inspiration together.