Morning Routine Essentials

Mornings, you either love them or hate them. Right?

But maybe, even if you’re firmly in the ‘not a fan’ camp, there is a way to make mornings not only bearable but something to look forward to and a key tool in setting you up for a successful day.

Create a morning routine and you may find that even if morning has broken, you’ll know just how to fix it. Here are four ideas to help you establish a morning routine that works for you.


Start with a detox

Most of us reach for the coffee first thing but although it is an iconic morning staple, it isn’t always the best way to wake up.

Start the day with a cup of hot water and lemon for a gentle detox that wakes up your digestive system without the acidity of caffeine. It is refreshing, simple and an easy way to kick start your daily hydration intake. 


Move On

Following a long period of rest, our bodies can be stiff and slow when we first wake up. Try incorporating five minutes of morning stretches or even some gentle yoga into your wake up routine to ease into the day. This will help you get your blood flowing waking up your body, and your brain, naturally. Warming up your body can be especially beneficial on chilly mornings as it will reduce your risk of pulling sleepy muscles and it also may make leaving your warm bedroom a little easier. Maybe. 

Start early: get enough Sleep

Sleep is lovely, we can all agree on that, but it can sometimes be hard to meet our sleep needs. Fast-paced modern living, artificial lighting and daily trials and tribulations may lead to us becoming sleep deprived and as a result, more than a little grumpy when the sunlight peeps through the curtains. Getting enough the night before is key to waking up to a good morning and ensuring you are ready to tackle the day ahead. Improve your sleep habits by beginning a technology detox an hour before bed, investing in natural soy candles with soothing lavender and sipping chamomile tea as part of your end of day ritual. Nailing your bedtime prep will pay dividends on your morning routine as you’ll be physically, and mentally, restored for a brand new day. 


Take time for YOU

With families, work schedules and to-do lists that rival the Magna Carta, you can feel the urge to launch yourself at your day full speed but don’t! Take 10 minutes each morning and dedicate them solely to YOU. You can use them to recite empowering affirmations to your gorgeous self in the mirror, you can use them to meditate, you can curl your hands around a hot drink and take deep breathes as you marvel in the present moment or you can simply set an intention for the day. However, you spend this 10 minutes make sure you’re not multitasking or distracted. Taking a moment of solitude will help settle you into your day with clarity and focus and provide you with the space you need to help you go into your day with mindfulness. Some days are always easier than others but keep practising your morning routines and watch your mornings, and the rest of your day, bloom with grace and intention. 


What are your favourite morning routine essentials?

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