Interiors Trends for 2018

Well-known and influential interiors journalist Kate Watson-Smyth talked recently about trends in interiors being a 'slow-burn'. What she meant by this was that because interiors trends start to appear in magazines not long after they appear at trade shows, the general public starts seeing these trends more and more, as they are repeated in magazines and online, but perhaps no one will pick up on them in real life... because, let's face it, we can't decorate our homes every season! Then we see trends 'peak' on sites like Instagram or Pinterest before they actually seep into 'real' life.  And this process apparently takes about two years, with the trend itself lasting another two years beyond that - which is a much more realistic view of an interiors 'trend'.  And it gives us all time to catch up.

So, whilst this post might seem a bit redundant, it might give you some tips on small ways of encompassing elements of the big trends into your home, without having to get the paintbrush out!

Let's talk colour. Yes, you heard it - colour is no longer a dirty word. After years of fifty shades of grey, which is here to stay for a little while yet, bright gem colours are slowly making an appearance.  Think mustard, ruby or emerald. They work so well against grey and feel rich and comforting.   So if, like me, you invested in a grey sofa, you can bring it up to date with some bright cushions and throws. 


If you're not quite ready to go all out on the colour front, try a more modest Blush or Navy which are also making headlines - especially in bigger ticket items like  occasional chairs and sofas.  Add those colours into a velvet material, and you're onto a winner.  Velvet used to live in the 70s, but has made quite a comeback in the last 12 months.  Today's clever velvet finishes mean they're even child-friendly and wipe-clean!  It looks luxurious and is super cosy, and I'm definitely trying to introduce more of it into my own home.


And on your walls, if you do feel the need to dig out that paintbrush, opt for rich, darker tones.  Farrow & Ball's legendary Down Pipe (a dramatic lead grey) is still a staple in many Instagrammers' homes, but some influencers and trend-setters are starting to introduce deeper blue/blacks, and dark plums - again, richer and more luxurious in tone than before, but not a million miles away from the comfort of grey.  Remember, it's a slow process with interiors!

With spring apparently here, (I think she's probably on a South Eastern train, so running a little late!), botanicals are also making some noise.  If you don't have plants in your home, now is a good time to introduce some.  Plants can make a real difference to a room and also aid in eliminating toxins from our environment by purifying the air.  Even the hardiest of plants brings some beneficial qualities; so don't worry about getting high maintenance horticulture. 


And if your fingers are really not that green, try and introduce some botanicals through your fabrics... or in pictures around your home. I cant promise they'll eliminate any toxins, but they will look pretty and give your home a real spring feel. 

Next up, let's talk about flamingoes! Last year the must have accessory or prop in your home was a gold pineapple of some description.  They looked funky, a little retro and added some shine.  This year, it's flamingoes.  If you're thinking about a total room revamp you could do worse than consider some super luxurious wallpaper (see below) for a real impact.  If not, try a bedspread or even one of these amazing lamps (Dunelm).  The flamingo theme also touches on that blush pink trend too, so, you know, two birds, one stone etc.  It's definitely one of those trends you can implement with a few small touches.

Finally, we're looking at a little bit of an art deco revival. You can't miss all those small cocktail chairs making an appearance in interiors magazines and popping up near the dressing tables of the interiors blogging community.  Again, it's all about the rich velvet tones. A small occasional chair is a great way of introducing those new colours into your home too if you don't want to stretch to a new sofa!


Lighting is also getting the art deco makeover, with some serious statement lamps.  Fringed lampshades are currently hot property, and this one is popping up everywhere. It's fun, it's frivolous, but it's not for everyone!


And finally on the art deco theme: cocktail cabinets.  Think curves and gentle silhouettes, and kind on the eye.  You don't have to use them for drinks; they can store anything you want, just think outside of the box to get maximum use.


Photography: Style Caster| Swoon Worthy | Loaf | Attpynta | Anthropologie | Emfurn | Wayfair | Soho House | Leife


I am a PR and Marketing Consultant by trade, having spent the last 20 years honing my skills in the corporate world working in TV, Gaming, the travel industry and management consultancies.  I still run a consultancy, specialising in small businesses and brands and really enjoy helping independent businesses to make a name for themselves in the public arena.

However, I am also passionate about all things interiors! And last year launched a new venture which aims to make it easier for shoppers to find unique products from small brand owners and creatives by curating the best of Instagrams small businesses to bring shoppers beautiful brands all under one roof.

 I love searching out new brands; working with them and giving them another platform help raise awareness.  But most of all, I just love interiors. I could scroll through magazines and websites looking at all the beautiful home-wares, all day long.

I've had this passion since I was a child, leafing through the latest Grattan catalogue at the home section, and then getting all giddy at the prospect of a trip to Habitat- for a treat.

These days I'm always on the look out for items for our converted Victorian coach house.  There's always something to fix and faff about with.  We've replaced drains, re wired, added log burners, replaced floorboards, insulated, plastered, painted, sanded, and grafted... the list goes on! But nothing gives me greater pleasure than finding new cushion covers, or a new rug. It's these details that really make a house a home.

And so I hope to bring a little of my passion to you, to share the things I've found on my endless searches, and to help inspire any other interiors fans.