Hosting the Perfect Party at Home

With my daughter’s first birthday coming up, it got me thinking about my top tips for planning the perfect party at home. As a luxury event and wedding planner, I often get to meet wonderful clients and plan extraordinary and memorable celebrations for them at beautiful locations.

When it comes to planning a more intimate party at home (including for myself), I thought I would share some key steps which I follow to ensure it’s a fun-filled occasion.


Make It Personal

Depending on the guest of honour, or the occasion itself, you may or may not feel a theme is appropriate. But your party will certainly be memorable if you personalise it based on who you will be hosting your party for and their hobbies and interests. This will help dictate décor and styling elements, even if it’s as simple as just choosing a colour palette to tie the overall look and feel together.

Location Location Location

Even if you choose to host your party at home, think carefully about which room(s) you will be using. Your room(s) need to provide a comfortable amount of space for your guests and provide an ideal party environment, whilst being easily accessible. Avoid hosting your party in a room where guests have to walk through several other rooms which may not be “party friendly” - no one wants red wine spilt accidentally over a fresh cream carpet, nor do you want excitable children running past an irreplaceable heirloom.  And if you plan to host your party outdoors in the garden, be sure to have a wet-weather contingency in place which provides shelter should the British weather not play in your favour. 

Be Our Guest

Based on where you plan to host your party, consider how many guests you can accommodate while feeling comfortable with that many people in your home. If you are planning a party like I am for my 1 year old daughter, you may want to limit how many guests attend as it can be overwhelming for younger children to be around too many adults. Also, take into account how many children are likely to attend so that you can cater to their needs and provide suitable entertainment.



Think about what timing works best for your party - whether it’s a daytime or evening affair, or how long you wish to party for. You will also need to factor in enough time to set up and get ready before your guests arrive. We have chosen a time for Aurora’s first birthday based around her nap times and restricted the party length to only a few hours as she is so young.


As with any celebration, it’s good to set yourself a budget before embarking on the fun elements of planning our party. It’s easy to get carried away, so it’s worth agreeing on a budget beforehand.


This includes everything from food to drinks to a celebration cake. Whether you choose to have a sit down dinner or an informal canapé reception, consider both savoury and sweet options for guests which cater to your guests’ dietary requirements. Consider hiring in caterers if you require assistance as you don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen away from the party and missing out on enjoying your guests’ company. Also, think about whether there will be children at your party, and ask their parents whether they have any allergies, so you can provide something suitable for them.

12 | Drinks Dispensers | Rock My Wedding .jpg

More from my daughter Aurora’s birthday party soon, as we have the founder of Coco Lane photographing the fun, and I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.

Photo credit: Gold One Cake Toppers - Inspired Party Studio | Rainbow Confetti Balloons - Style Revel on Wanelo  | Drinks Dispensers - Rachel Rose Photographer via Rock My Wedding

Elegant, luxurious, personal and impeccably organised. These are the signature features of weddings, events and parties that I plan for those with the highest expectations.

I have been organising weddings and events for over ten years and am the founder and director of Lamare London – a premier wedding and event business providing a truly luxury service for those looking to hold exquisite and memorable events, large or small. The Lamare London ethos is to ensure every wedding and event is filled with TLC to give it that wow-factor and personal feel – the “TLC” at Lamare London stands for Touches of Luxury and Character.

When designing and planning a wedding, party or event I cannot help but get excited and passionate over the personal touches, meticulous attention to detail and creativity that goes into each special occasion. Finding the je ne sais quoi that takes an event to the next level is one of the most rewarding parts of the job for me as it makes your celebration exclusively “yours”, oozing personality in a stylish way. 

I am dedicated to exceeding expectations and making the planning journey an enjoyable experience for each of my clients.

Having originally hailed from South Africa, I moved to the UK in 1999 where I now live with my husband, young daughter and three dogs. When I’m not planning weddings and events I love to bake and enjoy the delights of London’s finest afternoon tea establishments. {Can you tell I have a sweet tooth?!} 

I draw a lot of influence from emerging interior design trends, fashion, travel and exhibitions. And if asked to describe my style, I would say it’s feminine and modern with classic undertones. I love the stylish foundation of something classic or traditional and layering it with something a bit bold or contemporary – whether it’s in my home or what I wear. For example, I love a feminine black dress, but will add a statement necklace or a bright jacket or scarf for personality. I also have an obsession with grey.