Easter Brunching

So as I write this, I am surrounded by chocolate that I have bought my family and am prettily wrapping up (mainly because for a stylist my wrapping skills leave a lot to be desired!) and no doubt when you read this, you may also be surrounded by chocolate that you are trying to resist eating all at once (who am I kidding!) or maybe you’ve already eaten! Don’t you just love Easter!? For me, family times and holidays are quite simply the best and I adore them. Like many other families, it’s tradition amongst mine to get involved with an Easter egg hunt. Now I know I’m in my 30s, but I can totally still get involved with hunting for chocolate; I will never get too old for that and helping my little cousins gives me the perfect excuse. This year, however, I’ve also managed to get myself drawn into an adult hunt…where you hunt for gin and prosecco…I know, genius right! That said I’m on clue duty, so after this, I’m getting my creative hat on and will be writing some incredibly poetic riddles. (This remains to be seen…I feel sorry for my poor mother and aunts, they won’t have a clue what I’m on about…literally!)


Anyhoo, with all the chocolate eggs and egg hunting, we also have a tradition of eggs for breakfast at Easter. As a child I used to have dippy eggs and soldiers and then draw faces on the empty egg shells; this really was quality artistic time and my parents would join in too. It’s a great activity for all of the family and provides some rather funny end results. Now the egg breakfast has matured a little towards the eggs royale and benedict. My Dad is not so much a fan, so he tends to stick to bacon and eggs but my Mum, Sister and I are all over the hollandaise and smoked salmon along with some fresh poached beauties from my Grandparents farm. Yum! 


Eggs are quite simply, a staple food in my diet and I do tend mainly to have at least 3 breakfasts a week featuring these oval wonders. Aside from their nutritional value, they are delicious and so versatile! Perfect for breakfast and brunch. Which leads nicely onto one of my favourite past times and meals…Brunch. The most wonderful excuse to have a lazy breakfast and early/long lunch; meet up with your friends and have a good old catch up over delicious food and drink. Now we all know there is a huge amount of dishes that you can serve and eat for brunch but with it being Easter time, my focus is on eggs and all the yummy ways you can serve them.

As mentioned my favourite has to be Eggs Royale, but I am a serious convert to Shakshuka recently…and have also discovered an alternative to traditional Shakshuka; make it green! If you want to go heavy on the veg, then this is the perfect vegetarian brunch meal and packed with goodness.


You could also try experimenting with different vegetables and eggs and how about adding in some cheese. Feta goes beautifully well and adds that little salty kick to a meal. Alternatively, if you like experimenting and are happy to divert from tradition, why not pack a punch with an eggs benedict baguette; posh up your bacon and egg sarnie and create an alternative to a popular brunch dish. I have attempted this with my smoked salmon and poached eggs but added a little too much hollandaise, so if you’re going to try this, go easy on the sauce…this mixed with runny yolk and bread does not always bode well. Also, buy a really fresh French stick or sourdough bread so it soaks up all the goodness!

If like me you fancy a little kick to start your day, try adding some spice with chorizo or chilli’s, maybe some padron peppers and mix it all together with some eggs baked on top. You can always calm the heat down with some added crème fraiche or Greek yoghurt, but I love to add a sprinkling of cayenne pepper and paprika too, to give the flavour some depth.


Obviously, we can’t forget the combination of eggs and avocado and there are so many ways of mixing these two up. Add a poached or hard-boiled egg to avo on toast…heavenly!


If you’re not a great lover of eggs, you can always use them to create crepes or pancakes; savoury or sweet and you get some seriously scrummy brunch ideas. I love raspberries and rhubarb in a rosewater syrup, piled in between some mini pancakes, topped off with some Greek yoghurt, a drizzle of honey, pistachios and pomegranates. Just divine! 

So, there we have it, some of my favourite eggy brunch ideas. What are yours and what are your Easter traditions? I would love to hear!

Emma. xx


Photography: Top with Cinnamon | The Kiwi Cook | Rebel Recipes | Delicious Magazine | Olive Magazine | BBC Food | Sainsbury's Magazine

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