Four Ways to Spring into Spring

Four Ways to Spring into Spring

It has taken its time this year but the clocks have gone forward, the beast from the east has been banished (twice!) and the first buds are beginning to appear on the trees; we can finally declare it spring!

Spring is about welcoming the new, enjoying the fresh and looking forward to longer days and warmer weather. Here are some simple ways to embrace spring in your home, wardrobe and everyday routine.


Reflect to redirect

The first quarter of the year is already over and many businesses are looking at their Q1 results to determine their actions for Q2. Although this sounds awfully corporate, quarterly reviews can help you find clarity in your personal life too. Some questions to ask yourself this spring include “What did you achieve in the past three months? What are you most proud of? What goals did you meet?”. You can also look at the goals that didn’t quite work out and readjust, recalibrate and renew your vision. Be kind to yourself and celebrate your wins whilst learning from any lessons the past three months gave you.


Add a pop of colour

Mustard yellow is far from mellow but it’s a brilliant way to brighten up your life this spring. A bright jumper under a lightweight jacket is a perfect way to wear one of spring’s hottest trends as the weather warms up, or bring a bunch of daffodils into your workspace to brighten your desk and keep you smiling even if you’re elbow deep in emails.

Lavender, violet, rose and sky blue are all trending on the catwalk this season, so get creative and bring spring’s palette to life wherever you can. 

Refresh your routine

Whether it’s waking up earlier for meditation now the mornings are lighter, pencilling some time outside after work (the sun isn’t going down at 5pm anymore people!) or refreshing your wardrobe or make up bag, spring is the perfect time to shake things up a bit. Lighten up make-up tones and renew your skin care with some light weight moisturiser. Make sure you up your SPF too now that the sun is making more of an appearance.

Bring the Outside In

Warmer weather, longer days and a notable change in mood make it easy to see why the changing of the season from winter to spring inspires so many of us to get outside. As you get into spring cleaning mode you can also welcome spring into your home with fresh flowers, or pick up some seasonal vegetables for a spring soup filled with colour and nutrition. It’s also a fabulous time to discover your own green fingers in the garden, or plant some indoor herbs for your kitchen. 

Spring is all about coming out of hibernation and enjoying life as we head towards summer, how do you stay present in the moment and make the most of it?


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