The Art of Lettering

As a Wedding Stylist & Designer, growing up with an obsession for pens, writing paper and pretty things, has turned into a passion for Wedding Stationary, Modern Calligraphy & Fine Art.


I would say I’ve always had neat handwriting & always been conscious of presentation, so when I discovered Modern Calligraphy, combining the structure of letters with art – changing a simple word into something stunning through it’s romantic, flowing nature, my creative side took over & I had to be able to learn it for myself.

With this in mind, I firstly invested in a beautiful kit from the very talented By Moon & Tide.  A few hours of practice led me to think that I actually needed to do a workshop.  With luck Claire is based in Cumbria & regularly holds workshops from the Craft & Design Centre in Manchester.  A 2 ½ hour relaxed workshop for beginners to introduce the essential basics of Modern Calligraphy.

Combining the skills of writing & illustration, getting to grips with the pen & nib is the vital element in learning how to create beautiful lettering. The way in which the pen is held & how it moves by the correct angle & the level of pressure applied results in the skill of forming the basic strokes. 

Even if you have never held a calligraphy pen before, 2 hours will, in theory, give you the knowledge & ability to be able to write the alphabet confidently. 


Our workshop was made up of 11 people, who were each attending for completely different reasons, from wanting to write their own wedding stationary, wanting to write other peoples wedding stationary (as in my case), to having had it bought as a Valentines gift.  Skill levels naturally varied but by the end, everyone was developing their own style.

I now have the task of practicing & experimenting!  I am determined through my love of Modern Calligraphy to be able to develop my own unique style that blends into an art form, where my early obsessions continue to meet & grow! 

Photography: Claire Graham Photography | Rawpixel

Dream, Inspire, Create - the essence of Say I Do.

Combining a passion for romance, an obsession for natural elegance, and an eye for detail.  Julia focuses on designing and styling bespoke, timeless, and beautifully personal weddings that capture the uniquely organic love story that has taken place.

Working closely with each couple to produce an unforgettable day that reflects their style and leaves a lasting impression.

Based in the Yorkshire Dales, I have the privilege of being in close proximity to some of the most beautiful venues set in stunning countryside.

At home I am lucky enough to be able to combine work and pleasure through growing my own flowers to use in my styling, practising calligraphy, and creating a cosy, nurturing home.