Portobello Road With Emma Natter

Today we have a lovely little shoot by Coco Lane contributor And Your Story Photography. We are exploring Portobello Road in Nottinghill with the talented Emma Natter.  Emma is an art director, stylist, and writer, with a gift for seeing into the heart of a brand and telling its story beautifully. I've been a fan of Emma's work for quite a while now so was delighted to see two of my favourite suppliers work together.

From Emma: I learned how to shop when I was retracing the footsteps of British literary masters. I was on study abroad with my friend Roxanne, and in between walking in the gardens of Jane Austen's home and climbing around the ruins of King Arthur's supposed Cornish birthplace, we would shop. We constantly had our eyes peeled for antique stores and we would finish meals early so we could take a peek before returning to our group's bus to continue. Roxanne would dig through the treasures and lift something to my eyes and say, "look! Look at this!" and she'd show me an old love letter or a beautiful cameo or an old handbag she was admiring on herself in the mirror. I would see her eyes widen and her smile open into a laugh and we both felt a whole rush of delight at the discoveries we were making. She taught me to not just shop with my eyes, but with my hands and with my heart. To wait for the piece that excited me. We spent a lot of money together and helped each other make what seemed like life-changing decisions. Most shops we only had one chance to get something before we left.

We waited the whole study abroad to end in London and go to Portobello Road where we made our way through every shop and every booth for what felt like miles, resting only for a moment to drink some orange juice and regain energy. But we had gifts to buy so we continued. I don't even remember what I bought that day. I think it included some funky earrings and a watch to hang around my neck. Not my best purchases. But I got better and Portobello Road has become something of a pilgrimage spot for me now. I brought my parents there, I brought my husband once we were married, and I returned after the life-altering choice of creating my own business. But most of all, I remember the thrill of the search. And I keep that with me every time I shop for something new and beautiful.


From And Your Story Photography: I photographed Emma Natter, owner of a beautiful online styling shop called Pilgrim & Co when she visited England to source antiques and hunt for treasures to replenish her stock.  

Emma has incredible taste and a discerning eye for vintage and antique pieces. She is very intentional in her process of selecting every item and I enjoyed watching her as she studied the surfaces and carefully made her selections. Emma's styling and curation have an organic and natural feel to them. I encourage you to look through her site as I am sure you will find a piece to inspire you.


Photographer: And Your Story Photography | Artist: Emma Natter | Film Lab: Carmencita Films

My background is as a wedding & lifestyle photographer, shooting both digital and film to create authentic, soft and natural fine art photographs. Working primarily with natural light to give my work a beautiful, light and airy touch infused with soft tones. 

I have always appreciated and valued the simple things in life and finding the interesting in the ordinary.  Coco Lane was founded as I wanted to create something that is about an experience, the slower pace of life, cosiness and candlelight, cuddling up on the sofa with loved ones, being with the people you love, sharing food with close friends, a feeling of home, nurturing a chosen career, wanderlust travels, savouring the small moments in everyday life and just being you and enjoying a cup of tea.

I'm excited to bring you stories that promote all those moments in life that give us value and meaning; inspiring  us to live beautifully.

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