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Have you ever considered investing into a careers coach in order to move your business forward for whatever reason?  I have to confess at one point I was stuck in a bit of a rut in my photography and sought out some 1:1 coaching.  It really was the best investment I made into my business at that time and would highly recommend it.  If you're still a little undecided then maybe today chat with coaching entrepreneur, Lisa Johnson from Just Own This may sway you.....


Can you tell us about your business?

I coach entrepreneurs in strategy and mindset and have a real passion for passive income streams and helping people have the freedom they crave in life. I also own a modern and creative wedding planning company Carmela Weddings which I recently appointed my Husband Sam as CEO so that I could spend more time coaching.

Entrepreneurship is such a fast-moving space these days because of all of the advances in social media and marketing and so it’s an ever-changing job role where I get to learn myself and meet some amazing people along the way.

What is your background and does that experience help you in your current role?

I have a really varied background that encompasses a stint in law, investment banking and acting and TV presenting! I was also an Executive Assistant for a while. I think all of the roles I’ve had to date have really come into their own in the coaching world. I use every skill I’ve learnt so far and as a Mum of 6 year old twins I also totally relate to my clients who often have left the corporate world because they want more freedom to spend time with their families.

Did you always know you wanted to be a career coach + entrepreneur?

Not at all! It was only when I navigated my own entrepreneurial path as a wedding planner that I realised how difficult things could be. I made so many mistakes in my first year of business and was about to give up when I got my own coach. I took everything she said on board and it turned my business around. When people started asking me how I had become successful so quickly, I started looking at their businesses and telling them what to change and they then started making a lot more money. I knew then that it was something I was good at. After a lot of training, I decided to start my own coaching business and really found that this was what I was supposed to be doing all along. I can often see where the issue is in a business or in someone’s mindset that will turn things around and I like being able to explain complex business strategies such as sales funnels in a really easy to understand way.

Can you explain your workflow/What's a typical day?

It’s so varied and that’s why I love it! I generally work between school hours now and I have Fridays and weekends off when I can to give myself a balance. A typical day could see my speaking on stage at an event, teaching passive income methods to a group of people online or writing an article for a magazine. I very rarely do 1-1 coaching too and if that happens I coach at a members club in London. I oversee Carmela Weddings too so sometimes I’ll be at a wedding making sure everything is going well – it’s fun to keep my hand in that side of things!


What is your top advice for business owners?

I have two things that I always push. Firstly know who you want to serve. Work out who your ideal client actually is, their pain points and then what solution you can give them. Too many people do it the other way around and work out what they want to sell and then to who. Secondly, be consistent. Block out the noise on social media that makes you think you should be doing everything and concentrate only on your strategy and do it consistently for a long period of time. It’s too easy these days to flit about doing a bit of everything for a few weeks and then get bored and try something else.

What're your favourite things about career coaching?

Seeing people’s lives change. People who come to me with a complete dream that they don’t believe can actually happen and then seeing it happen in front of you is so rewarding. I also love the variety and that I now get to choose who I work with and when. I do love travelling too and making my own passive income streams allows this to happen without me seeing a dip in finances. I’m about to spend 7 weeks travelling around Europe with my family which I would never have been able to do without taking a financial knock previously.

What kind of clients do you work with and how do you find new clients? 

All sorts – in my membership club it could be people who have just started to think of becoming their own boss right up to 1-1 coaching leaders in their industries. I use a combination of sales funnels, facebook groups and speaking events to find new clients but more and more clients are coming to me by referrals from others who have coached with me and seen a big change.

What mistakes have you made that taught you a valuable lesson?

So many! Trying to be everything to everybody was my first. It just doesn’t work – eventually, you have to niche. Thinking that working harder would make me more money and then suffering burnout as a result. I’m now much more balanced and I know that you don’t have to work harder, just smarter. I’ve also trusted far too many people along the way who have ended up stealing ideas or copying but I’m getting better at trusting my gut in this area!

What inspires you to be your best every day?

My kids. I come from a very humble background where we didn’t have the opportunities to do a lot of fun things and I love that my kids are getting the chance to travel and learn so much about the world. I want them to see that you can have a life of freedom and so they continually inspire me to do better. 


What challenges have you set yourself for the next 12 months?

So many. My word of the year is impact and I want to impact as many people as I can and help them. I’d love to grow my membership group to be able to give advice to more people and I want to have a £100k launch. So far the biggest launch I have had in a day ha been £60k and I’m competitive so I need to better that!

Can you tell us five things that no one knows about you/your business? 

I’ll tell you 5 fun or interesting things!

  • I grew up in the Mormon religion
  • I’ve been married 3 times (maybe that’s why I like wedding planning!)
  • I don’t believe in anything woowoo like manifesting or the law of attraction
  • I’ve been in 4 music videos
  • I once won £28k on a game show!

Photography: Cristina Rossi Photography | Emma Jane Lewis Photography | Hannah Duffy Photography