Juggling The Art Of Being A Mumpreneur

Juggling The Art Of Being A Mumpreneur

‘Mumpreneur’ (n.) 

A mother who works as a business entrepreneur in addition to her family commitments.

It’s probably worth giving you a little background … I love my job planning luxury weddings, corporate events and private parties. Some may say I’m a workaholic. But when you start your own business which you are incredibly passionate about, it’s your baby – you pour a lot of time and energy into it. 

Then, during a busy Summer season of weddings, I started to feel tired and a bit nauseous. Had I been pushing myself too much with work? No. I found out I was pregnant. Although my husband and I were incredibly excited, I knew things were about to be shaken up. 

Once our little girl arrived, everything took a back seat. Aurora was our first priority. 

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Thankfully, I had the most amazing wedding clients who gave me the time and space I needed to bond with Aurora and get to grips with being a mummy. I had worked really hard with them to get the majority of all their wedding plans in place before Aurora arrived, and we picked up where we left off to finalise the odds and ends of planning a few months later. In this time, Aurora developed so much – every milestone made me so proud and as her smiley and happy disposition and personality came through, everything really clicked into place and I started getting to grips with being a mother. 

Fast forward 7 months, I delivered my first wedding as a new mummy. It was amazing being back in the swing of things! It’s even better when you work with clients that you really bond with, but my body had forgotten how much hard work it is coordinating the wedding on the day. The next day, my feet were aching and my back was really sore, but the adrenalin and love for my job made it worth it. After the wedding, I came home full of excitement and couldn’t wait to share details of it and spend time with my husband and daughter. 

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So how does one do it? Juggling motherhood while being an entrepreneur?

Disclaimer: I absolutely do not consider myself an expert, and I’m certainly not claiming to be superhuman (or Superwoman for that matter!) –I’m still learning and adapting every day. But below are some tips that seem to help me make the ‘mumpreneur juggle’less of struggle. They’re my ‘kryptonite’ if you will:

Pause. When you have your own business, I totally understand how you may treat that as your “baby”. But when our *real* baby arrives, make sure to carve out some time for you and them to really get to know one another. Put your “work baby” aside – don’t worry, you can go back to it when you’re ready – think of it as a pause. This is a sacred and precious time. Use it to bond with your baby and to find a rhythm that works for you and your precious bundle. I like to think that a “rhythm” is better than a rigid routine. 

Be Honest- with yourself, as well as your existing and prospective clients. If you have a good working relationship with them, they’ll know and trust you to get the job done, and should be understanding of the fact that you may need a timeout with your baby. If they don’t, they’re probably not the best clients to work with anyway. 

Find your “golden hour”(or two!). It’s amazing how productive and efficient you become when you have a baby. Time becomes so precious, you maximise what you can do in the time you get given when baby naps – or even after baby has gone to bed at night. I’ve heard some mothers work from 10pm through till late. Others choose to wake up earlier and get it done before 7am. Whether you’re a night owl or a morning person, your ambition will drive you to get the job done when you can in order to maximise your time with your darling little one. 

Be present. When you’re spending time with your baby, or focussing on work, be present in the moment. Put down your phone whilst with baby so that you can fully engage with one another and savour your time together. And conversely, make sure you’re fully focussed on work, which leads me nicely onto my next point…

Delegate. If you have someone you trust that can manage a few tasks on your behalf, delegate! You may be enhancing their career experience if you can show them the ropes and they may enjoy taking on more responsibility. In the same trail of thought, don’t be scared to ask for help with your baby, whether it’s family, a nanny or nursery. I feel it makes me a better mother when I pick up my daughter from nursery and take off my work hat to focus wholeheartedly on her. I can also tell how much she loves playing with the other children at nursery, which makes the “mum guilt”less burdensome.

Prioritise. When you become a new working mum, everything is time critical. By listing your top three items to accomplish first every day, you’ll be prepared for what the rest of the day throws at you, including an unplanned call from the nursery if your child falls ill and you need to collect them. 

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Motherhood is very physically and emotionally demanding –but is by far the most rewarding job. Being a mum gives you perspective on what’s important to you including family and health. That said, being a mum doesn’t stop you from having a successful career. 

At the end of the day remember that mothers across the world are simultaneously nurturing small businesses and small humans, both of which can be considered as 24/7 jobs. And they’re killing it. Maybe we are Superwomen after all. 

I’d love to hear your own tips and advice on how you’re bossing it as a mum and at work!

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I have been organising weddings and events for over ten years and am the founder and director of Lamare London – a premier wedding and event business providing a truly luxury service for those looking to hold exquisite and memorable events, large or small. The Lamare London ethos is to ensure every wedding and event is filled with TLC to give it that wow-factor and personal feel – the “TLC” at Lamare London stands for Touches of Luxury and Character.

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