The Truth About Looking Good

Did anyone manage to catch “The truth about looking good” on BBC1 last week? Well, let's be honest it's a subject the majority of us are interested in knowing about, right!?!  Seeing as I’ve been in the aesthetic industry for 10 years I thought I’d offer a little of my knowledge in confirming what the program had discovered regarding skincare.

Early in our life, our skin is firm and radiant, however, did you know that an ageing skin is now classed from the early age of 25?!  This is all due to environmental and lifestyle insults, which cause the oxygen free radicals to form in the skin.  Over time, these repeated insults can cause significant damage to the skin.


A little fact for you: 

90% of premature ageing is caused by environmental damage.
78% of environmental damage is caused by incidental daily exposure.  Whatever the weather!

Causes of this are smoking, poor diet, pollution, alcohol, lifestyle insults, but the most common culprit is UV light and we call these free radicals.

These free radicals attack the skin, causing major changes, including collagen breakdown, loss of elasticity and uneven pigmentation.  This process is commonly called photoaging, resulting in wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and potentially serious skin conditions.

So the important question is how to minimise free radical damage and keep our skin looking healthy and youthful?

Firstly and by far the most important is to protect yourself from UV rays.  We are all pretty careful and apply sunscreen in the summer months which protects us from the UVB rays which cause burning.  However, did you know that there are also UVA rays which are present year-round and can penetrate clouds and home or car windows?  UVA rays are 100x more plentiful than UVB rays and can penetrate 30-40x deeper into the skin. Applying a quality broad-spectrum sunscreen (UVA/UVB protection) every single day, will help in protecting your skin from these harmful rays and minimise any premature ageing.


Another very important way in order to protect yourself would be to use an effective topical corrective product i.e. Retinol. When you're considering a retinol product you want to ensure you are purchasing the correct formulation in order to obtain the best possible results.  My advice is to always use a cosmeceutical retinol product as these contain high actives allowing deeper penetration into the skin resulting in a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin texture and clarity as well as stimulating increased production of new collagen and elastin.

Cosmeceuticals are a combination of cosmetic and pharmaceutical grade ingredients, enabling them to structurally change, repair and correct your skin, therefore making them more effective than cosmetics.  

If you also stop smoking, eat a healthy diet and avoid polluted environments when possible, you're on the road to keeping your skin at its healthiest, resulting in the radiant youthful skin.


Products recommended:

High End:

Retinol 0.3
Mineral Radiance UV Defense SPF50

Mid Range:

Retinol 3TR
Hydr8 Day 360 SPF30

On A Budget:

The Ordinary Advanced Retinol 2%
Boots Soltan BB face cream SPF50

Louise has been within the medical aesthetic industry for 10 years, specialising in Laser and skincare as well as having an advanced knowledge in skin products.

Louise’s knowledge and passion for all result driven treatments as well as makeup, have lead to her being featured in numerous editorial material throughout her career.