For quite some time I was going about this whole thing in completely the wrong way! In my early twenties, having never had spots before, I started to suffer from frequent breakouts. I tried countless skincare products and every foundation out there but nothing seemed to work!

After seeing a dermatologist and being prescribed tablets (which failed to do the job) for late onset adult acne I decided to do some research myself. I found that the most common ingredients that trigger acne were in the majority of my skincare and makeup products!

From this point I switched to organic skincare. My skin completely transformed and to my relief was clear and radiant on my wedding day this year! 

I’ve learnt that It’s so important to pay attention to the ingredients in the products we pick up from the shelves. Here are two products that I could not live without: Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm (use morning and night with a warm muslin cloth) and Sukin Rosehip Oil (2-3 drops massaged into face and neck every evening).


Working as a Teacher of Dance in addition to my role of Health & Wellbeing Lead across my workplace, I have found myself passionate in the field of Wellness. Having trained as a dancer from a young age, I value the art of movement and am currently taking private yoga classes to further my study.

Finding rituals to realign our minds is something I think we need to invest our time into. We all go by the saying of ‘there aren’t enough hours in the day’ yet sometimes fail to take a step back and appreciate those little things around us that actually enable us to think about not having enough time in our days!

I am passionate about promoting natural and healthful habits in hope of helping others to find their emotional balance and wellness in the modern world we live in.

Here I’d like to share with you some of the practices that I use to sustain my health and wellbeing in every moment of the day.